With a the latest in post-production sound technology and service, Main Post provides end-to-end sound post production for the Motion Picture, Broadcast, Home Entertainment, International and Digital markets.

Sound Design and Sound Effects

With our sound library and the ability to record on location original sound effects, our expert editors and artists will design, create and edit your soundtrack, complimenting the story-line for a seamless, exciting experience.

Foley Recording

Through our extensive Foley library and experienced Foley recording technicians and artists, we can deliver original Foley for your feature and episodic television content.

Mixing for Domestic and International

No matter the size and scale of your project, Main Post offers state-of-the-art theatrical, episodic television, and trailer mixing.

Music Replacement

When music needs to be replaced in your soundtrack due to licensing rights, Main post can seamlessly replace these music cues, matching the same style and beat.

Music & Effects Augmentation

Fully fill your M&E audio tracks to meet the critical demands of the global marketplace and to integrate with foreign language dubbing.